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Big adventures in the Nordic region

At CF1701 we are experts in the Nordic region – and it has a lot to offer. The sky is literally the limit, and the nature is responsible for breathtaking experiences and an authentic feel. Whether you aim for the Nordic cuisine renowned for its local produce at an outdoor restaurant surrounded by pure nature,… Read more »

Treat your employees to a luxury experience

The Orient-Express gives you luxury and possibilities that are rarely seen. And you can choose a journey that fits your flight connection and needs. The journey brings you all the best from a train ride: Visits to different countries and cities as well as a view of beautiful ever changing landscapes as the train travels… Read more »

New convention center in the middle of Denmark

On March 1, 2017 Odeon in Odense opened its doors for the first time. Odeon is the new, huge convention center in the city of Odense in the middle of Denmark, and the place for you if you need space for a conference, exhibition, one on one-meetings, and dinner at the same time. The opening… Read more »

CF1701 – your preferred partner

At CF1701 we are constantly staying updated on all news in the meetings and events industry. We attend fairs and exhibitions, workshops, and destination visits throughout the World to stay informed about all the possibilities and the lastest trends. We are updated on exciting venues, interesting destinations, involving activities, and the latest trends in food… Read more »

CF1701 at your service

When we plan your event we do it free of charge as we work on a commission basis from our suppliers. And we guarantee you that the rates we provide are never higher than the ones you would get yourself. Furthermore, you save a lot of time as you only have to manage one point… Read more »

New website – new possibilities

We have expanded our area of business and now act as a DMC (Destination Management Company) for foreign groups visiting the Nordic region. We can assist you with everything from finding the right hotel to teambuilding, dinners, and cultural activities.


There are many options for continuous promotion towards customers and employees. Ideally, all conference material should display logo, text, or the like that you would want the recipients to take home. At CF1701 we have updated our portfolio of memorabilia and other presents. Have you thought of giving your conference attendees memorabilia from the perfect… Read more »

New Year’s Party

One of the new event trends we see is having a New Year’s Party instead of a Christmas Party. Many companies prefer a New Year’s Party in order not to favor one religion over another. The New Year’s Party is perfect for January, which might be a little grey, and many people have an open… Read more »

New in New York

New York continues to offer new places and trends and even if you have been there before, there is always a reason to come back. And New York is so much more than just Manhattan. Even though Manhattan has a lot of great hotels, conference venues, and fantastic locations, the other four boroughs of New… Read more »

New destinations

The Baltic countries are interesting meeting wise, and we recently visited Latvia for get to know its capital Riga and it surroundings better – a very green city with a beautiful skyline. There are many advantages in having your meeting in one of the Baltic countries: It is inexpensive (compared to Denmark), there are direct… Read more »